Center for Digital Medicine and Robotics - Jagiellonian University Medical College

HoloAnatomy® Software Suite

Anatomy lessons using mixed reality goggles are held at the 3D Center for Digital Medicine and Robotics, located at ul. Kopernika 7E, 31-034 Krakow.

Admission to the classes will be determined by the order of applications; however, in the case of high interest, priority will be given to individuals who have not previously participated in the classes.


Termin zajęć dla studentów w języku polskim: środa, godzina 17.45-18.45

Registration 15.05.2024 – głowa i szyja


The class schedule for students at the School of Medicine in English: Thursday, 18:45 to 19:45 (classes in English language).

Registration: 16.05.2024 – central nervous system

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